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March 18, 2009


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I'm sorry to say, but I also share Susan T experiences.I wised that this session would have worked out, but it was a big disappointment instead.
Hope the next one, if I will attend, will be better.

Don Ratcliff

I'm sorry to hear the session was such a disappointment to some of you. There were some other questions that might have been of interest, but time ran out on us. Perhaps the couch was too comfortable!

If anyone is interested in reading about the ten "rats" in the church, and some practical suggestions for church ministry (especially those related to helping parents), you might want to check my web site:

God bless you all!

Don Ratcliff

Ellen Whittington

Have to agree with Susan in that it came across as staid and lacking energy. I've been in ministry for 30+ years and have never been a believer of the strictly oral presentation...EVER!

Great information overall in a weakly wrapped package.

I was very disappointed with the confirmation class story Dr. Ivy Beckwith related - if the best thing about that class (that day?)was she got them to set the chairs out, therefore they were engaged and contributed...wow!...what does that say about the confirmation program and/or the teachers? OUCH!

I teach confirmation as a minister in a Lutheran setting and half the time we're not even in chairs or the classroom if I can help it. If you look at what Group Publishing has been doing a great job of doing, you would be making it R.E.A.L.! Relational, Experiential, Applicable and Learner Based...doing this uses almost all five of our senses...hits at least 2-3 ways of which we learn during the entire time you and your class are together and invites you to be creative with yourself and the class to make learning something you want again and again. No, I don't work for Group but I do like tooting the horn for something that works!

Suzy Q

This session was unbelievably bad. It felt old-school. . .especially in comparison to the previous session in looking at just how much children have changed with media influence. After Phil, we needed a "How do today's children's ministries need to address this media crisis?!" That pressing question never got answered.

Henry Zonio


I can understand the disappointment. I'd like to know, though, what did you learn, if anything from the session? Was there anything that stood out? What did you take away apart from your disappointment? Even with the scripting, there was a lot there, especially from Drs. Beckwith and Ratcliff that I know I resonated with and caused me to think about what I am doing in my CM when it comes to thinking through child spiritual development.

Susan T.

This session was regretfully a great disappointment for our team. When it was done we just sat in our seats in wonder. Amy asked the same questions again and again and repeated to much, not allowing the speakers to share. It was to stiff and scripted - our team breathed a sigh of relief when it was all done.

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