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March 18, 2009


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Rick Roberts

I think the change is not in what we do with the kids, but to make family ministries an even higher priority. I think we need to get the parents to make sure that God is front and center with the kids all week long (not just on Sundays), in spite of our media-saturated culture. We heard in the Family Ministries breakout today that in general, kids won't be any more spiritually mature than their parents. While we must make sure we are reaching the kids whose parents can't spiritually lead them, to make the biggest impact, we need to make families a priority, and spiritually training the parents to set a godly example for their kids a center point of the church's (not the Children's Ministries) focus.

Suzy Q

Phil's talk gave us insight to why kids are harder to reach with the gospel. . .but left me wondering how our 1-hour a week ministries are supposed to change to best meet this new generation. That is what we came to the conference wondering. How should our ministry change in order to best reach these media-charged Milennials?

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