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December 03, 2007


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Henry Zonio

One of the most effective ways I've found to do "family ministry" is to simply build relationships with the parents. I make it a point to be around when parents are around. I make it a point to get to know them and build trust with them. I, then, have built credibility to speak into their lives on a consistent basis. Whenever I run into them in the hallways or in the mall, they are more apt to use me as a resource as they raise their children. We can program family ministry all we want, but if we aren't building trusting relationships with parents, then we're still not being effective at family ministry.

Crystal in Bloomington

As I have been serving in the preschool ministry at Vale I have seen firsthand the importance of passing the torch of faith in Jesus down to those that he has trusted us with. I have 3 small children myself and it is so encouraging to hear them sing a song from sunday school or repeat a story. But what is better is when I personally taught them the song or the story and helped them to understand it........may we all be more family focused when it comes to our little (and not so little) ones are learning about the wonderful gift of eternal life!
It also brings up the point that we need to be examples of what a Christ follower should be like. They are only at sunday school for a couple of hours a week and we have them the rest of the hours.......


I think it's important to help parents feel that you are supporting them and cheering them on in their role, not burdening them with additional guilt or worry.


I'm with you! Let's get the parents & grandparents more involved!

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